When you visit Redeemer, you can expect to worship in a way that is Biblical, Historical, and Participatory...

Biblical Worship - At Redeemer we believe that God not only cares that we worship him, but how we worship him. We seek to worship God only in ways that God has revealed to be pleasing to him in the Bible. Thus, the components of our service every week are relatively simple and consistent:

  • The Word of God (various readings and preaching)
  • Prayer (offered at different parts of the service)
  • Songs of Praise
  • Sacraments (At Redeemer, we celebrate the Lord's Supper every week)

Historical Worship - While the Bible is our only authoritative guide for worship, we recognize that we are not the first generation of Christians who have thought deeply about how to worship God. Our fellow saints were doing it for two thousands years before we ever showed up, and we have much we can learn from them. At Redeemer, we have sought intentionally to connect our worship with that of previous generations of the church. We don't believe that "new" is always better.

Participatory Worship - Our service is organized in a way that enables everyone to participate in the worship service. We do not believe that the people of God should be passive spectators in worship, as if they were watching a movie or a broadway play. Rather, God encourages us to "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual psalms" (Col 3:16). Our service is structured very intentionally as a dialogue or conversation between God and His people. He speaks, and then we as a congregation have the privilege and responsibility to respond together with prayer, songs of praise, or various responsive readings of Scripture.